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Technical Information and Links

Furnace Carbon Control Applications

Zirconia Sensor Theory   by Thomas H. Lotze   Super Systems, Inc. PDF Format
An Overview of Endothermic Generators   by Theodore P. Berry   Super Systems, Inc.  PDF Format

Melt Pressure Transducers

Proper Care of ISI Melt Pressure Transducers
Pressure Transducer Mounting Hole Dimensions
How to Recognize and Solve Problems in and Extrusion Plant
Diaphragm Material and Coating Selection.  .

Process Control Applications

Fuzzy Logic in Control from Yokogawa
Process Control Primer   PDF

SCR Power Controllers

A Basic Guide to SCR Power Controllers  by Control Concepts   100k pdf
Transient Voltage Protection for Solid State Controls by Payne Engineering
Is Short Circuit Protection Possible for Solid State Controls?
Keeping SCR Controls Cool

Thermocouple Technical Information

Thermocouple tables from Barber-Colman PDF
Identifying and Correcting Temperature Control Problems from Barber-Colman PDF
Thermocoule Applications from Barber-Colman PDF
Differential Temperature Measurement from Barber-Colman PDF

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