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Purchase Order and Shipping Papers

When shipping your instrument for service, please enclose a packing slip and/or purchase order.  Purchase order should be made out to:

Shipping papers should include: Incoming Shipping Damage and Discrepancies

Upon receipt by McGoff-Bethune, all items are carefully unpacked and inspected for shipping damage and checked against the shipping papers to ensure accuracy.  You will be notified immediately of any damages and/or discrepancies.  Such items will be held for further instructions from you.

No Problem Found Charges

If you authorize a repair to an item which our tests find to be operable without repair, we will perform an operational test, clean, and calibrate the item and invoice the TEST AND CALIBRATE ONLY price.


If we find that an instrument is unrepairable or uneconomical to repair, you will be advised.  If you authorize us to scrap the unit, no charges will be assessed.  If you want us to return the unit, you will be invoiced the TEST AND CALIBRATE ONLY price.

Test and Calibrate Only

We will test items to ensure that they are in good working order.  Such items should be clearly marked on the packing slip for TEST AND CALIBRATE ONLY.

  • Items that check good will be cleaned, calibrated, and returned.  You will be billed at the TEST AND CALIBRATE ONLY price.
  • Items that check bad will be held while we contact you to determine if you want the item repaired or if you want the item returned unrepaired.
  • Repair Pricing and Quotations

    We maintain a price list of repairs of instruments which we commonly repair.  If your instrument is not on our price list, we can often provide a fixed price quotation or bill for time and material.  Taxes and shipping costs are added to the invoice.

    If you send an unlisted instrument in for service and if you require a quotation before service, then this quotation will be faxed or telephoned to you immediately for your approval.  Please respond promptly so as not to delay return of your serviced instrument.  We will remind you of your need for approval every 7 days until we receive either your purchase order number or your request to return the instrument unrepaired.  After 60 days without processing approval, we will return your instrument unserviced.

    Calibration Certification Traceable to NIST

    We can provide Calibration Certification Sheets for each instrument.  These certification sheets provide documentation of the exact calibration, before and after.  We also provide documentation showing the traceability of our test instrumentation to NIST standards.  The cost for Calibration Certification Sheets is $25.00 per instrument.

    RUSH Service

    Rush service is provided to ensure that your item is repaired immediately.  These items are expedited ahead of all other items.  Rush service is available for a $35.00 premium.

    Field Service

    We provide in-plant service.  Our services include periodic calibration, certification, instrument troubleshooting and repair, installation and startup, and other services.  We can provide these services on the basis of a fixed contract price or we can bill our services based on time and
    material plus travel and living.

    Service Report

    A complete service report is provided.  This report outlines the findings and documents the actual work that was performed.


    We stock a large inventory of reconditioned controllers and modules for repair/exchange.  These are available for immediate delivery.  The exchange price is generally less than 2/3 of the purchase cost of a new unit.  When you order an exchange unit, you should immediately send
    your failed unit to us.  It will be repaired and placed in our exchange stock.  If your failed unit is deemed to be unrepairable and cannot be returned to our stock, we will invoice an additional 35% of list price of a new unit.

    Pricing and Terms of Sale

    Prices are user cost in U.S. dollars.  For customers with an established account, terms of sale are net 15 days from date of invoice.  All others will be COD or credit card.

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