Instrument calibration service traceable to NIST standards

Process and Temperature Instrument Calibration

McGoff-Bethune provides calibration service for many of our customers.  This is normally done on a contract basis, often quarterly.

In support of this service, we maintain an inventory of fully calibrated test equipment.  We have our test equipment calibration certified on a 6 month basis by an independent laboratory.  We maintain the certification papers which become a part of the customer's complete audit trail.

Instrumentation for which we provide calibration services includes Barber-Colman, Honeywell, Leeds & Northrup, Athena, Watlow, Yokogawa, Chino, Partlow, Eurotherm, and many others.

Examples of the documentation we provide is below.

A Certificate of Calibration is provided when the instrument has been calibrated to within the manufacturer's original specifications.  The as found / as left data is provided as well as the traceable documentation on the test equipment which was used to calibrate the instrument.  This provides the documentation for complete traceability back to standards. 

View Certificate of Calibration full size in PDF.

A Certificate of Non-Compliance is provided when the instrument cannot be calibrated to within the manufacturer's specifications.  This certificate is used by the customer as a part of his traceable documentation and supports the audit trail. 

View Certificate of Non-Compliance full size in PDF.

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