Thermocouples and RTD's for Plastics

Varidepth Adjustable Depth Immersion in Armor Clad Flexible Tube Thermocouple     RTD
Varidepth Adjustable Depth Immersion Thermocouple Spring Style 
Thermocouple      RTD
Fixed Depth Immersion with Bayonet Lock 
Thermocouple      RTD
Adjustable Depth Immersion  
with Bayonet Lock or Compression Attachment 
Rigid Tube Thermocouples Fixed or Adjustable Depth Immersion 
Thermocouple      RTD
Nozzle melt thermocouple. 
Non-immersion nozzle melt thermocouple or RTD measures temperature in a threaded shallow drilled hole. 
Fixed depth melt bolt thermocouples provide direct melt temperature measurement. thermocouple or RTD.
Retractable melt bolt thermocouple measures melt stream temperature under working conditions. It can be installed wherever standard melt bolt thermocouples are used.
Accessories.  Armor Cable.  Eyelets.  Bayonet attachments.  Adapters.

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