Thermocouples for Industrial Applications

Thermocouple RTD

These are the most common type of thermocouple used in furnace applications.  With a metal or ceramic protection tube, they are appropriate for severe and demanding environments.   The heavy wall provides a long life for the thermocouple.  
Base Metal Thermocouple Specifications 
Platinum Thermocouple Specifications
Similar to the above.  With a 90 bend, the hot leg protection tube is made of metal or ceramic.  Used in salt baths, heat treating, and molten metal applications.  
Metal-only tube version.  Particularly appropriate for molten metals.  


A general purpose thermocouple.  The thin wall metal protection tube gives fast response.  
"MgO" thermocouple are insulated in magnesium oxide with a stainless steel or Inconel sheath.  This provides superior performance and longevity. The material can be bent to nearly any desired shape without damaging the element. Diameters of 0.040” to 0.250” are available.  
Elements are available in both base metal and noble metal. Base metal elements are used directly for temperature sensing or as component items for insertion into a protection tube.      Ordering Specs 
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