Strip Chart Recorder.  SR1000.  Yokogawa

Yokogawa process temperature control, strip chart recorders, thermocouples, SCR power controllers.  Our primary focus is temperature control.

  • Large Visible Display  10 x 18mm LED's
  • 4" (100 mm) Continuous Trace and Multipoint Trace
  • Up to 3 Pens for Continuous Traces
  • Up to 6 Inputs for Dot Traces
  • Universal input (voltage, thermocouple, RTD, contact)
  • Communications Option RS-422A
  • SR1000 Strip Chart Recorder

    Prices start at $1,145.00
    Download SR 1000 
    Specifications in PDF

    Available as SR10 without Digital Printout Capability  
    Prices start at $895.00
    Download SR10 
    Specifications in PDF

    Recording Capabilities
  • Analog Recording
  • Digital Periodic Printout
  • Scale Printout
  • Alarm Printout
  • Message Printout
  • Manual Printout
  • Chart Speed Change Printout

  • Barber-Colman temperature control and Yokogawa process temperature control, thermocouples, and MACO.  We offer Barber Colman and Yokogawa temperature control, temperature controller, process control, thermocouple, 560, 570, Versicase, MACO, actuator, SCR, solid state relay, limitrol, blow mold control, carbon potential control, extrusion control, heat treat control, injection mold control, Eurotherm, Honeywell, Yokogawa, Partlow, Chino, ISI, furnace, and kiln control.