Partlow Circular Chart Recorders.  

Partlow Mechanical Circular Chart Recorders

One and two pen, 10" circular chart, industrial temperature recorders are available. Instruments equipped with spring wound chart drives require no operating power, making them excellent choices for many applications. Recorders are available with the same types of control capability as available on the mechanical controllers, and can be also used for alarming. Partlow is the leader 8" recorders for the refrigerated transport industry.
For more information on the Piston Pak element, click here.
RFT Recorder
RF15-79 Dual Switch Recording Controller
RFA Recording Pneumatic Controller
RFP Recording Modulating Potentiometric Controller
RFHTT Dual Pen Recorder
RFH15-79  RFH15-15 Dual Pen Recording Controller
RFHAA Dual Pen Recording Pneumatic Controller
RFC15-52 Dual Switch Recording Profile Controller
RFCP Recording Modulating Potentiometric Profile Controller
RFC52 Recording Profile Controller
 Refrigerated Transport Recorders
SR Recording Thermometer
TR10 / TR20 Recording Thermometer
TRDW Recording Thermometer
DR Dual Pen Recording Thermometer

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