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ISI 0150Model 0150
  • The ISI melt pressure gauge provides reliable maintenance free, localized pressure indication. 
  • This gauge is designed for maximum durability. 
  • The small capillary tube filled with a special medium isolates the gauge housing from potential thermal damage. 
  • The rigid stem makes installation fast and easy.
ISI 0151Model 0151
  • Incorporates an 30-inch flexible capillary tubing
  • Stainless steel armored jacket between the gauge housing and the stem. 
  • Provides further thermal isolation or where installation would be otherwise difficult or impractical.
  • ISI 0152Model 0152
    • Provides simultaneous measurement of pressure and temperature at a single point. 
    • Only one mounting hole is required for installation. 
    • The thermocouple or optional RTD can be replaced with-out interrupting the pressure signal. 

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