Exergen Infrared Thermocouple Non-Contact Temperature Measurement Thermometer

Cooling Jacket

A convenient and inexpensive kit makes it possible to use the IRt/c with air, water, or both for service in harsh environments. Measuring only 1" x 4.16" (25 x 106 mm) overall, the CJK-1 is physically small enough to fit into tight areas and closely monitor process temperatures from the optimum position - up close. With its all stainless steel housing, it can withstand the harshest environments.  Extraordinarily efficient in design, the CJK requires only .05 gpm (190 cc/min) of water and 0.1 CFM (3000 cc/min) of air to protect an IRt/c at 1000°F (540°C).


  • · Small size - 1" dia. x 4.16" lg. (25 x 106mm)
  • · Stainless steel housing
  • · Seamless copper monotube cooling coil
  • · Complete equipment for air cooling and/or water cooling
  • · Air purge included
  • · Super-efficient design for low air and water use
  • · Fits IRt/c, IRt/c.1X, IRt/c.3X
  • · Water cooling to 1000°F (540°C) with as little as 0.05 gpm (190 cc/min) and 0.1 CFM (3000 cc/min) of air

  • CJK-1
    Water/Air Cooling
    for IRt/c, IRt/c.3X, IRt/c.1X
    Water Cooling Configuration. 
    All fittings required are supplied. 
    Water flow > .05 gpm (190 cc/min).
    CJK-1 Housing Dimensions


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