Chino Parameter Programming Software Package "PASS"
The parameter programming software package "PASS" is an engineering software for programming parameters with a personal computer by using a communications interface or an engineering port of BR series graphic recorders and AL3000/AH3000 series hybrid recorders.
* Parameters can be easily programmed by using the engineering port provided at the front of BR/AL3000/AH3000.
* The measured data stored in BR/AL3000/AH3000 can be converted for the spreadsheet applications.
* Requirement: Windows95/98, Windows NT4.0
Input parameters Range, scale, tag, engineering unit, alarm, burnout
File File type, interval, trigger condition, others
Operation Message printing
Others Clock programming, alarm, communications, maths
Data conversion For spreadsheet applications like as Excel, Lotus 1-2-3
* Media
EL Series

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