Barcol Impressor Hand-Held Hardness Tester

For Ground Ladder Testing

  • Measures strength of ground ladders
  • Non-destructive hardness tester
  • Accurate results every time
  • Easy-to-use and affordable firehouse use
  • Proven reliable for over 50 years
  • Reference disks provided for verification
  • Download Complete Specifications
  • Download Instruction Manual
  • Available for Industrial Applications
  • Typical Sample Readings

  • When They Count On You, Count On The Impressor

    Ground ladders are designed to meet or exceed safety standards for performance.  When exposed to intense heat, however, their tensile strength-and hardness-may be compromised.  Ladder discoloration is not a true indicator.  The best method of assuring ladder strength is to perform a hardness test.

    With the Barcol impressor hardness tester, you can quickly and economically verify the strength of all your ground ladders, right in your firehouse.

    Results In The Palm Of Your Hand

    The handheld, portable Impressor is easy to use.  Simply measure the hardness of each beam (side rail) between each rung.  Each reading should not be less than 76 on the Impressor dial.  Hardness testing should be performed annually or whenever there is a question of annealing of the aluminum from exposure to heat.  NFPA 1932, Service Testing of Fire Department Ground Ladders, defines the correct test procedure.

    With the Impressor, you get accurate, consistent results every time.  Reference disks are provided for verification of your tests.  What's more, the Impressor has been proven reliable for over 50 years in the testing of aluminum and aluminum alloys used for ground ladders.

    Don't wait to test your ladders.  Get the Impressor hardness tester-and the instant assurance of knowing they're safe today.

    Order The Barcol Impressor From McGoff-Bethune

    Prices start at $774.00.     Part No. GYZJ-934-001-0-01.

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