Replace Hunkar and Moog Parison Control

No More Pegs....$8,900
Barber-Colman's Maco Breeze 6000 control, the stand-alone parison-only control, has brought blow molding wall thickness control down to earth.  Breeze is simple to set-up and program. It minimizes the number of set-points for your non-rocket scientists to enter. Rough profiles automatically become parts than meet spec with the absolute minimum material use.

The Breeze stand alone parison-only Blow Molding Machine Control replaces existing slide switch and pin only parison programmers on installed blow molding machinery.  The control is packaged in an elongated electroluminescent flat panel operator station configuration and includes pre-wired cables and built-in connectors for easy installation. Breeze utilizes the same internal cards as the well known MACO 6000 Series Blow Molding total machine control system to provide users with highly precise parison control. The Breeze is custom factory configured to the users requirements based on the type of machine specified.

Anyone can connect it. Just a few, easy-to-reach, external connections is all it takes. And it comes pre-configured for most blow molding applications, minimizing set-up time and complexity.

But it’s more than just a breeze to operate. It’s a highly precise control that consistently and accurately achieves minimum wall thicknesses by micro-interpolating between setpoints. The result: consistently good parts with minimal material usage and scrap.

Give your rocket scientist a break. Call McGoff-Bethune see how easily Breeze or Barber-Colman’s other blow molding controls can help you make more consistent blow molded products.
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