Gold Probe Carbon Potential Sensor

Super Systems carbon sensors are used in endothermic furnace, generator, and neutral atmosphere control applications.  The SSi Gold Probe is designed to work with your current carbon control equipment and is interchangeable with all existing carbon sensors. 
Accuracy New electrode design (US Patent # 5,635,044) delivers precision and repeatability.
Compatibility Interchangeable with all other manufacturers' probes. 
Return on Investment Lowest initial price with full, one year warranty and low cost rebuild service
Streamlined New, compact design allows easy installation and service in confined spaces.
Versatility Designed for all furnace and generator applications
%C - 0.01% to 1.6%
Insertion Length - 400 mm (15.75")
Temp. - 1100F to 2000F
Insertion Length - 511 mm (20.13")
Stability - +/- < 1mvdc
Insertion Length - 743 mm (29.25")
Impedance - < 10kohms. @1700F
Mounting - 1" NPT